Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back pain remedy found in a unique book

I love this book: Ageless Spine, Lasting Health: The Open Secret to Pain-Free Living and Comfortable Aging

The essential theory in this wonderful work is that the body functions best when it is naturally aligned in an upright posture.  I couldn't agree more with the author's opinion of why good posture is so important to pain-free living and spine health. 

What the book does exceptionally well is to demonstrate optimal spinal posture through the use of pictures that show people functioning in parts of the world where it is essential to perform manual labor as a way of life.  The author contrasts those pictures of health and vitality to pictures of westerners in rounded and slumped postures and it becomes incredibly obvious why back pain has become so common in our society.  Contact a physical therapist to treat your back pain and correct your posture.  If you want to treat your own back pain, try a POSTURE BELT for Back Pain from ActiveOrtho.


  1. Even when you go for conventional treatment, you still need to make the effort to take the medicine or painkiller.

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